2016. szeptember 19., hétfő

Yeah! I became a fighting vehicle owner! 1938 Opel Kadet Der Kleine Panzer!

Today is a perfect day, an old dream came thru, I found a wartime vehicle!!! Kübels and Jeeps are crazy expensive novadays, so I hunted for an Opel of the era since some years. Jeeps are so cold because no roof, and they drink a lot of fuel, so a little Opel is the possible way for me. Now I found the perfect project! Not immaculate, but the bodywork nearly done. Many parts missing, but the most important pieces are there (driving components, seats, etc...) Yes, my plan is not a show restration, but a fighting vehicle, with some dings and scratches on the 3-tone camo! Now I giong to hunt for period photograps of camuflaged examples and for the missing parts...

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