2014. február 9., vasárnap

Minimanfactory CUCV. The current status.

I finished the interior and just put together with the chassis. I have had a big fight with the windows as thre are a lot of them – Oh man, I just hated them! I had to build the went wing windows, as the kit doesn’t have it. It was a nightmare to fit the chassis with the body, but a I’ve done at least! I’m not so satisfied with my own work, but I think the overall look is not so bad. Yep, it’s not too bad but far from perfect. The weathering is my last hope…

Christmas treasures

Christmas was cool, we found some kits under the tree! Airplanes for the kids and a Simca 5 for daddy. Petra and Barnus enjoyed the fast completing work, Chupacabra and Dusty builted under an hour. Petra could not stop after the fat airplane, he started an old Italaerei Jimmy immediately! My girl! :)