2018. március 10., szombat

Some vignetta bases for the actual builds.

CMK Reichspost VW KDF Beetle 1/35


Another old project finished last year, without figurine again... Who produce WWII German Reichspost women??? Model is a CMK kit with Tamiya seats, wheels, engine etc... I know, the paint is too dark, the red was brillant red originally, but I wanted a more depressive look.

GMC in Korea. Model finished.

I can't find an ideal figurine for the Korean war GMC truck I finished a year before. So I decided to post it. Hope you like. The model is a Tamiya one with Italeri DUKW wheels and Heller cargo bed. 

2017. június 25., vasárnap

Some accessoryes for the Opel K38

I could collect some nice stuffs for the Opel. The early (1939) jerrycan is real jewell. The two MG34 ammo cases are cool also, one of them still in orig paint with great patina, just like the first aid kit (used in every german vehicle in WW2). I would like to decorate the car sometimes as a German army vehicle, sometimes as a Hungaryan Army car and some days as a captured one by the US forces.

I bought two cheap Notek lights from Russia, on ebay. They are not perfect, but can save them. The right one (on the pic below) found on the area of Demjansk. It is still strong and there is no rust hole. I got it with the base and holder. It still hase the orig glass lens, and the mirror bucket inside in great shape. I could clean and open the 3 screws easily after 70 years! Both of the lights were grey originally. All two broken from the vehicle, I think because an explosion, thanks for a hit or mine. The one on the left is a bit more rusty but still saveable. It has a VDO logo on its left, what is very interesting for me.

2017. május 28., vasárnap

Wiking tour 2016

Back in 2016 I spent a nice day with two good buddyes; Peter, Gabor and his '42 Kübelwagen. We made some nice photos, so wanted to share. Peter is a historian, interested about the Hungaryan front of World War 2, so we had a very good tour guide. We have visited some places captured on celluloids, on the road of Wiking division. Gabor's nicely restored Kübel given the perfect atmosphere. Me? I was the load on the back seat. Or a captured soviet soldier?

Finally we visited a cemetery on Bicske, where monuments are placed for the casualties of the fight;
 for remember to the heros; Hungaryan, Soviet and German soldiers.