2016. szeptember 16., péntek

ICM Opel Kapitan 1/35

I choosen this grey one as it is a rare sunroofed version. I could not find more info about the "faltdach", so I used my memory about a Webasto VW sunroof made in late '40s. Webasto used wood-rails, and 2-3 fold depending on the lenght of the hole. So this car is a bit for fantasy category, but hope it is not so faar from the reality. I will paint it grey, as on the period picture.
As usually happens, I found another picture later (in a book at home...), what is more interesting... Its sunroof is a field modification maybe?
Moreover, an other two door sunroofed sedan.  With a great camo naturally...
Now I keep my original plan, so finish my Kapitan in grey with a bit more of personal stuff on it.