2015. október 15., csütörtök

Tamiya Austin 10Hp Tilly

 To enjoy the hobby, I must choose an easy project sometimes. The Tamiya Tilly is a really good kit, but with the Legend canvas and Hussar wheels looks very realistic! The modelhistory of the Tilly isn't clear for me, I hope could bild a clean early version with the correct details.
 Grooved tyres on all 4 corners are visible on very few photograps, as the car rolled down from the assembly line with grooved on the rear but smooth on the front! Hussar makes all the two types separate, so in the package you get 4+1 grooved or cyvilian type. I don't like to mixed set, so fitted the offroad tyres only. The Legend canvas looks so well, but needs some extra work. Early cover had the windows and an openable top piece what is missing from the resin part. I replaced it, but in wrong position, must remake it before paint. I planning to cover the little Austin by "Malta camo", but I know only one, bad quality photograph. So if you have something, please contact me! Thank you!