2009. december 2., szerda

Sightseeing in Budapest.

Bronco Opel Olimpia 36.

Here he is, Bronco's Opel! I love this, kit. It is simple perfect. OK, there are no perfect kits, but this one gives "happy hours" in your workshop and nice result!
I found only one picture about the closed limusin. It is enough to build the kit, but I need to buy the new open top version too, to own a captured example also!
PIC 1: Civilian hard top vehicle with chrom bumpers, used by the Wehrmacht.
PIC 2: German car on the field, with nice camouflage
PIC 3: Hungaryan Army soft top.
PIC 4: Later version with different cooling louvres and interesting paint scheme.
PIC 5: Captured soft top with chrome bumpers and civilian colour.