2015. november 24., kedd

AFV Club M10

Not really like to build tanks novadays, but this model was started when it was a news from AFV Club. I spent a lot of time with the building, so don't want to waist it. Now I added the stowage, but still missing a lot of details. Will finish it on a nice day hopefully.

A nice little collection of WW2 German vehicles in Germany.

We had to pick up a Schwimm body in Germany. The place waited us with some surprises, like nicely restored wartime VWs, Steyr RSOs in "as found" condition and a beautiful Stoewer Kübelsitzwagen. When I seen the huge grey car for first, I turned back to a child immediately... A truly fantastic car!

Kübelwagen stadtrundfahrt in Budapest

It was back in august when we spent a nice afternoon with my friend: Gábor and his Kübel. We took a little but cool sightseeing, looked for some places we know Kübelwagens were photographed under WW2.