2018. március 23., péntek

Candyes for the Opel K38.

Some nice parts came to home for my 1/1 scale Opel. I was shure never will find original Bosch semaphore turn signals, but found a NOS !!! (never used since they made) pair of Bosch units at a good vw buddy. Wow, the Holy Grail! The only problem is; they are too nice to paint over... Oh God, what I do?

Another treasure is the taillight what looks like a Notek tarnlicht, but has no Notek logo. 
Was it made in the second half of WW2, when all manufacturer logo was deleted? 
Or is it a postwar piece? There are some more difference, like metal back (Notek had bakelite house) and all the lenses are red, WW2 pieces had red-green-orange lenses. 

The original: 

Found a NOS sunvisor and NOS DDR licence plate, what going to be a Wehrmacht plate. 

Continue soon... ;)