2016. október 16., vasárnap

Alcan Highway builder: 1/35 ICM Studebaker US6 with field made bolster trailer.

I really like the Studeker kit of ICM. This is my second run, a converted truck, again. Made from only 2 period photograps, found on internet. The truck is a late 6x6 version, the same what ICM producing. The Stu is modified by the workers to haul extra long load. I believe the bolster trailer made from the chassis of a scrapped truck. (There were many, because the extremely bad road conditions.) A field-made "swivel thing" was fitted on the cargobed of the truck. A very simply and fast way to make a bolster truck.
I made a radiator grill cover from putty, and tryed to make the visible demages on the front fender and bumper. Chained wheels are from Tank Workshop the grill is from Limes Model (http://www.limesmodel.hu/). I have added some more details: tools, oil and fuel cans to a wood box behind the cab.
Later I found another interesting picture about this Stu on the icy road of Alaska. It looks its cargo-bed had been removed.

Opel Kadet and Olympia cars. Nicely restored to WW2 look.