2009. május 7., csütörtök

Russian vehicles.

I found a good website, where could see some rare pics about russian softskins (and armour also). There are some photograps of lend-lease trucks and halftracks too. Check it: www.armchairgeneral.com

Unique coloured Jeeps.

The chequered pattern is the ace, but the white vehicles of peacekeepers, or the red cars of the firefighters are very interestings too, just like the yellow and gray ones of the NAVY or Air Force. I will build an 1/35 example of this unique coloured Jeeps for the special contest of AMT. (Pic 1: Korea, july.07.1950. Pic 2: Aussys in Japan 1946. Pic 3: US firefighters in Naples, Italy, 1944. Pic 4-7: US NAVY firefighters. Pic 8: US Army "Follow me". Pic 9-11: US NAVY flying control vehicles.)

The least modelling room of the World?

The size of the floorplace is only 93x85 cm. It is small, but mine! (I think of the room!!!) But where I will build my Dragon Wagon???