2015. május 12., kedd


The vehicle’s build is basically ready, but there is a way too long till the end. I build a very early model which differs in some way from the one in the box: air intake on the cab’s top, no blackout light, simple grill for the headlights (no rounded grill for the blackout), the fillerneck is on the top of the fuel tank, no jerrycan holders on the left step, no hangers on the cab’s side, new mounts for the reflectors mounted on the front of the cargo bed. I’ve added a few damages here and there, like dings and deformations. I also changed the engine's decklids, because these seems always flapping. I opened up the battery’s hatch and replaced the wheels by the Real Model’s resint set. These are not so nicely  moulded, so I hope someone will release a better one someday, before a begin to paint the model. As I wrote, there are a lot of things to do: I’m gonna put a heavy load of ammo boxes, the .50 AA machinegun (visible on the pic) and some personal equipment (gears, bags, etc). I want to add a M6 ammo trailer also to the 6 tonner. I’m so glad that a Hungarian company, The Body released a nice driver – a  “must have” item

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