2009. szeptember 9., szerda

K-53 Radio truck.

I'm very interested about the wartime GMC series. (I'm not alone...) I would like to build several version in the future, so collected some nice resin conversion. I bought the K-53 radio body from Real Model too, but I could find only factory photos. I thinked, it was a "secret weapon", maybe the censor deleted the pics of them. But, after a very long hunting I found some postwar pics on the site of the 6th mobile weather unit: http://6thweathermobile.org. The photoghraps taken between 1949 and 1953. Two different colors are visible, the dark is the postwar deep olive-drab, the light one is yellow maybe. I'm not shure, please help me if You have more info. Many details are visible on the pics, so the site is very usefull. The Real Model forgot the ladder (at the rear of the body) and I gave only one fueltank with the kit (there were a smaller version in both sides). The weather unit fitted some special equipment, whith make the truck more interesting. Check the site and enjoy the pics!

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