2009. április 26., vasárnap

ICM Studebaker US6.

This is my latest work. I was surprised when the ICM introduced its new Studebaker kit. It has some problems, but I love this kit a lot, because it is accurated (the chassis better like the "deuce and a half" of the japanese). Sadly the wheels are wrong: too small and narrow (as usually of the soft skin models), so I used a set of the Tamiya GMC. Some parts are too thick (fenders, sidesteps, sparewheel holder, bumpers etc.) but a simple sandpaper can help. Usually I would like to build more interesting, rarer or special versions. In this case I chose an open cab version with steel cargo compartment. (The real vehicle was used by the Red Army, but the Germans captured it. The pics taken in Hungary when the truck drove across a village.) I used the Heller steel cargo and Real Model driver cabin from the Studebaker conversion set. By the way, the chech conv is not so good, it has sizeproblems. But the cabin is a copy of the Tamiya (hm...) so it is usable, except the dash, because the Studebaker's one is different. Now the modell is half ready and waiting for some parts to fit. Sorry for the bad pics.

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