2018. április 7., szombat

Candyes for the Opel. Part 2.

Happend last summer when I looked around on a nice little market of a nice little village at the side of Balaton lake. There were many fine and natural foods and old stuff for sale. One of the sellers had some relic of WW2. I never seen a nice wehrmacht jerry can like this, so I had to buy. The price was really friendly so I became the happy owner of this untouched (since WW2), rust and dent free, 1944 fuelcan. It still has most of its original paint with a red number of its capacity. Lovely!

I got a nice Opel badge from an old guy who was learned as a car technician in the Opel service of Budapest. When he started the lessons (around 1949), the service turned to a Moskvich service station, as the Soviet manufacturer used the production line of the prewar 4 door! Opel Kadett, what was removed from Rüsselscheim Opel factory right after 2nd WW.  
This porcelane badge was used on every furniture, and tool in and around the service and some of them was fitted on cars also. 
The pic below made after the war, when another service made drivable cars from Opel ruins. 

An ultrarare porcelaine sign was posted to a local auction site, a sign of a Hungaryan Opel dealer from the 30s-40s. The winner is not me, sadly...

2018. április 2., hétfő


My next Schwimmy is nearly ready to paint. I modified it to an early version, what is different from the Tamiya kit in some details, like bumper shape, side grabs, wheels, propeller hook etc... I used the amazing resin wheels of Replikant and beautiful update kit of Mantis. I placed a Verlinden figurine to the vignette.

2018. március 28., szerda

Tamiya 1/35 Schwimmwagen. Leaf pattern

A tiny Schwimm finished, a really old project completted. Old but lovely kit. I makeing the nexts...

Barnus in work

2018. március 23., péntek

Candyes for the Opel K38.

Some nice parts came to home for my 1/1 scale Opel. I was shure never will find original Bosch semaphore turn signals, but found a NOS !!! (never used since they made) pair of Bosch units at a good vw buddy. Wow, the Holy Grail! The only problem is; they are too nice to paint over... Oh God, what I do?

Another treasure is the taillight what looks like a Notek tarnlicht, but has no Notek logo. 
Was it made in the second half of WW2, when all manufacturer logo was deleted? 
Or is it a postwar piece? There are some more difference, like metal back (Notek had bakelite house) and all the lenses are red, WW2 pieces had red-green-orange lenses. 

The original: 

Found a NOS sunvisor and NOS DDR licence plate, what going to be a Wehrmacht plate. 

Continue soon... ;)

2018. március 10., szombat

Some vignetta bases for the actual builds.

CMK Reichspost VW KDF Beetle 1/35


Another old project finished last year, without figurine again... Who produce WWII German Reichspost women??? Model is a CMK kit with Tamiya seats, wheels, engine etc... I know, the paint is too dark, the red was brillant red originally, but I wanted a more depressive look.